Rodin Olio Lusso & Rodin Bis perfume – A Beauty Buzz

Linda Rodin, former fashion model, fashion editor and stylist from New York created ‘Olio Lusso’ in her own kitchen. Pure organic skin care based on luxurious essential oils. It’s still a great little beauty buzz among the top models and international make-up artists. Olio Lusso perfume smells like jasmine and neroli and works in perfect harmony with the CREMA body cream, or the classic RODIN Olio Lusso luxurious face, hair or body oil.


Recently Linda launched the RODIN bis Perfume (50 ml | 210 ) A perfume that contains a classic green violet scent. An ode to Linda’s mother. The top note starts with Bergamot, anise and lemon. The heart of the perfume is round and touched by rose de mai, jasmine and violet. The powdery base includes musk, ambergris, tonka (one of my favorite ingredients) and lanvender. A beautyiful soft and feminine fragrance. Sweet and uplifting.

Rodin Bis by Olio Lusso 210 Rodi Perfume by Olio Lusso

I’m thinking effortless style from beginning to end. You might want to reserve some space in your already crowded beauty bag. They are so special it’s worth it! While you’re at it, why not book a Rodial body massage treatment at the Skins Institute Spa. I know have and I’ll tell you all about is soon!

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