Rosendo Mateu Master Perfumer Barcelona M. Collection

Rosendo Mateu is the living image of a self-made man which is reflected in his work. After working for one of the biggest brands Mateu developed time for more ambitieus projects.

Being a “Maitre Parfumeur” after working in the industry for 45 years, (from which only a few in Europe) since 2010 the developed his own brand by creating five fragrances from number one to five under his own label. In all of the fragrances only the best raw materials are used and I do believe you can actually smell the purity of the ingredients.

While being introduced to the brand a few weeks ago I fell in love with nr. #4 and nr. #5 from the range. Number #4. is an Oud fantasy combination of nutmeg, nuts, saffron and hints of wood, sandalwood and guaiac. It starts pretty powerful yet when the Oud takes a turn, something softer and mostly intoxicating takes hold and makes me smile from ear to ear as it bring back all kinds of happy memories.

When it comes to nr. #5 this perfume rends me speechless. It’s spicy but with an oriental floral twist of carnation and lily of the valley. But that is not all. In the base you’ll find vanilla and sensual amber musk (yum). It really is like a sexy dream in a bottle.

The ROSENDOMATEU collection is available at HAARTHEATER thru AAFKES (100 ml | € 175)

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