Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Enzyme Powder 

Get your glow on with Australian Emu Apple found deep in the Aussie bush, this fruit is packed with more antioxidants than most superfood. Translation? Lit from within the skin. The enzyme powder polish removes dead skin cells to even skin tone and leaves it smooth and radiant. You’re looking for next-level exfoliation without next-day sensitivity. Just our a half-spoon of powder into the palm of your hand and add a couple of drops of water. The rub your hands together to create a light foam. Massage for 15 seconds, then rinse and get ready to glow.
(60 g.|€ 46,90)

Tip: for selfie-ready skin use it before applying your primer and foundation for a silky-smooth finish and all-day-dewy complexion.

SANDANDSKY is available HERE

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