Sisley Long Lasting Hydration Lipstick

The Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick provides durable hydration and protection for your lips. It contains Calendula that will soften the lips. The Vitamin E and C works as an antioxidant. This comfortable, long-lasting lipstick is available in twenty fabulous shades. Its glide-on texture covers and won’t bleed. Its beveled tip allows for clean, precise application.

Lipstick has become the number-one way for women of any age to boost their natural beauty. Whatever the colour, it sets the tone, adds personality, injects feel-good vibes and provides the finishing touch to any look. As a symbol of confident femininity, lipstick can amplify self-esteem in an instant. Find beauty, feel powerful, free and liberated from dictates. Take new risks and break with convention…

Sisley’s new Le Phyto Rouge

  • A vibrant sensory caring lipstick that dazzles and unsettles to add the extra touch of femininity and self-confidence essential to seduction.
  • A long-lasting moisturizing formula with a texture that provides constant comfort…

20 luminous shades arranged in 4 color families:

Les Beiges: 5 shades | Les Roses: 7 shades

Les Rouges: 4 shades  | Les Oranges: 4 shades

SISLEY Long Lasting Hydration Lipstick (€43) is available from the 1st of September 2018


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