Sisley Super Soin Solaire Suncare Collection – Face And Body

What better way to try a  new sun protection than when the sun comes out to play. During my recent travels I brought the SPF50+ face protector along (40ml | € 127), just as my very favorite Sisley handcrème and Nutritive lip balm. The sun care treatment promises to protect the skin from the effects of photo-aging meaning wrinkles, brown spots, dehydration and loss of firmness.

I love the silky soft texture of the product and it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. The formula is waterproof and does not leave a residue on my skin which I can really appreciate. Please note that eventhough it contains an SPF 50+ it must be applied every two hours. After applying it once, unfortunately it doesn’t mean you ’re done for the day.

Sisley Super Soin SolaireSisley Super Soin Solaire Suncare

The suncare range benefits from a combination of cutting edge UVA and UVB filters and protective ingredients. If you like a body oil to protect your skin the Huile Soyeuse Corps might be the one for you (150 ml | €159). A great plus is that its an easy spray that leaves a soft veil on your skin, but it does take a while before the silky oil is absorbed.

Maybe next time I should ask someone for massage assistance for it to be absorbed a little faster, so I won’t stick to my book while lying in the sun with a cocktail in my hand. Nah, I think I might be a Sisley milky body mist kind of girl. Don’t be discoraged thought. Sisley’s sun protection program is fabulous and does what it promises. Protect and hydrate the skin with Sunflower oil, Camellia oil and Mango extract. Sounds eatable right? Enjoy!



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