SISLEY SUPREMŸA BAUME versus Phyto-Poudre Libre.

I’ve had a little addiction for a while and it’s called Surpremya anti-aging treatment for the night. When you have dry of dehydrated skin this is exactly what your skin is craving for. Skin feels soft and supple due to a bunch of powerful ingredients. Now you might be thinking; yeah that’s what we hear a lot when it comes to new launches. Why should I invest such pricy skincare?

Supremÿa Baume compensates for the damage inflicted on the skin during the day and prepares it to fight oxidative stress the following day. Its unique formula contains a cocktail of powerful active ingredients in a deliciously smoothing, rich and firm cream texture that wraps the skin in a cocoon of softness. It sounds like a fairtytale but my skin has felt silky soft ever since.

Sisley Surpremya Baume and powder

If you’re not on a budget, I would recommend this dreamy texture of a skincare that contains a whole bunch of benefits. Supremÿa Baume At Night (50 ml / € 549) is enriched with restructuring and soothing oils and butters to protect, nourish and intensely moisturise any skin type.

The rich formula works deep down to restore lipids, as well as helping improve the skin’s barrier function to limit moisture loss, which is higher during the night. Find hazelnut oil which is rich in moisturising and nourishing properties.
Supremya Baume Sisley
It contains oleic acid (Omega 9), linoleic acid (Omega 6) and palmitic acid that help make the skin softer and more comfortable. Kokum Butter moisturises and softens the skin thanks to its high levels of emollient, protective and repairing fatty acids to nourish and revitalise the skin. And le ts not forget one of my favorite ingredients when it comes to nourishment:

Macadamia oil: one of the richest oils in palmitoleic acid. This Omega 7 is one of the main components of sebum, and its production reduces with age. Thanks to its restructuring, nourishing, soothing and softening properties, Macadamia oil maintains hydration and softness in damaged, dry or mature skin.

After appyling make-up use the phyto-poudre libre (a backstage secret) that has a light as a veil texture, leaving skin velvety, smooth and luminous. (€ 64,90)

The Supreme Anti-Aging Cream is at your service.


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