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Squalan consists of a pure and plant-based oil that is identical to a substance in our skin. It promises to restore, sooth and moisturize the skin. I had the opportunity to try and review these products for myself. But what is Squalan? 

Squalan is won thru plants and organisms. Most of the Squalan used in cosmetics comes from sharks?! and olives. This squalan comes from 100% certified sugarcane. It restores the natural balance of the skin to make it look and feel utterly hydrated. If you have an oily skin Squalan promises to make it feel less oily, and a naturally beautiful looking skin promises to look even more radiant. I’ve put Squalan to the test and these are my thoughts:

First of all I really like the texture of the these natural products and the fact that it does not have a perfumed scent what so ever. I prefer to use the pure face oil during the night and massage it into the skin after cleansing. After only using this product a couple of days I felt a  softness on my skin I could appreciate and relate to. Next to all the cooked water I drink on a daily basis to clean the skin from within this product feels as if I smooths and heals dehydrated skin from the outside. (50 ml | €59,-)

That said I felt enthusiastic about trying the cleansing gel. Even though I am usually not that fond of gels (I am more a balm kind of girl) I dare to say this cleansing gel has rapidly become one of my favorites because of the extra skincare benefits and it does not strip the skin while cleansing (50 ml | €57,-)

The moisturizer oil, which I use during the day, contains anti-aging properties and helps to restore the moisture in the skin and at the same time it helps to diminish fine line and wrinkles. From a make-up artist perspective the moisture oil is a perfect base to use as a primer before applying foundation. It smooths the skin and makes it look more radiant than ever. Don’t forget to use a finishing powder to blot and away any excess.  (100 ml | €49,-)

In a nutshell; I am hooked. I don’t know what took me so long to get here. Go on, get acquainted and try it yourself. You can do that by trying some samples HERE 



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