STYLSMILE for whiter teeth in just four weeks

Meet STYLESMILE. Your brightest smile yet to come…
STYLSMILE promises whiter teeth in just four weeks. It combines sonic brushing with blue light technology and PAP tech toothpaste. All in one.  Cleansing and whitening as you go. The toothpaste contains what they call ‘phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid’ or PAP in short, and does not contain the damaging peroxide.

The STYLSMILE does contain fluoride making it unnecessary to brush teeth any other way, or with any other toothpaste as it has fresh taste. The high tech combination of the PAP technology and the blue light promises to whiten your teeth, while the accelerator and the bit give the extra whitening boost if you feel the need for that little extra.

Each toothbrush has two different velocities: 32.000 vibrations per minute and 20.000 vibrations per minute. Don’t forget to recharge the toothbrush with the supplied USB cable. (€169)

Please note that STYLSMILE only works on natural teeth, it does not work with false teeth, insertions or crowns.

STYLSMILE is available HERE

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