Tangle Teezer -Wet Detangler

The British Tangle Teezer brushes are a real phenomenon and available in over 70 countries. Celebs like Cara Delevingne and Victoria Beckham are a great fan. The brushes help to deliver unrivalled results in detangling wet and fragile hair without pulling, tugging and causing breakage. Since I go through life as a curly head instead of having dead straight hair, I am finding my way through hair products and brushes that work. This is definitely one of them.

While using the wrong kind of brush before my hair was being tugged resulting in split ends and lots of tangles. The horror. After being introduced to this brush together with the styling products I am impressed and really happy with the results. (€14,95)

The Wet tangle teezer is available thru DOUGLAS and ICIPARISXL

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