That little Happiness Called Candles And Why They Bring Joy

Autumn and winter is traditionally a season of letting things go, it can also be a season of renewal and a great time to a fresh new outlook on life and finding enjoyment in the little things. A candle for instance is like a supportive friend in the corner who doesn’t need to speak.

Atmosphere is everything, so why turn on all the lights when you could resort to one or two, complemented by the additional glow of a few beautiful candles? And let’s not forget the glass jar hosting a candle is part of the charm and experience.

There’s a sense of nostalgia that comes with burning scented candles, knowing it has the ability to transport you to a time and a place, to evoke memories of times past but also representing the future. A candle emits the scents you hope to remember 10 years from now. It’s the home you want to make with the scents that people will associate with your presence. A candle represents the ambiance you might be looking for to create the feelings of comfort and magic in your own space.

Find a few of my new favorites below:

Founded in the 17th century, Cire Trudon is one of the oldest candle and home fragrance companies in the world. The candles by Cire Trudon will always have a special place in my heart as I selected two candles to be part of my wedding day.

The recently launched Tadine (blue candle) is one of my fall favorites as it smells like sandalwood and inspires a feeling of calm while your living space with a deep, woody warmth that lingers for a long time. Carried by aromatic, sweetly spiced head notes of cardamom and base notes of guaiac wood, this sandalwood sensation is perfectly instilling a natural sense of peace wherever it’s ignited. (270 g|€ 80)

Manon by Cire Trudon is a beautiful candle scent that smells like fresh laundry with a hint of lavender and orange creating a scent of lightness and neatness. (270 g|€ 80)

The Abd El Kadar candle conjures the scent of warm, mountain air mingling with spices, tobacco, and mint tea in the country’s bustling bazaars. Top notes of Spearmint, Lemon, Blackcurrant Buds, Apple, Ginger, and Clove give way to a heart of Jasmine before the intoxicating base of sweet Vanilla swipes you off your feet. Yum! (from 70 g|€ 33)

Cire Trudon is available HERE, HERE, and HERE

Who doesn’t like the nostalgic and relaxing scent of pinewood and forest? SKOG, Norwegian and Swedish for the forest, is a scent that conjures the great and dramatic Boreal forests that stretch across the region. It’s infused with notes of pine and fir, aged leather and woodland lily of the valley.  (65 g| € 19,95) Skandinavisk is available HERE  

You can read all about my crush on Lola’s Apothecary and the Delicate Romance collection HERE. Be inspired by the candle which is a pure bliss cocktail od sweet orange and lemon in the top, rose, and geranium in the heart, vanilla, Ylang Ylang, patchouli, and sandalwood in the base. I am sure you will love this hand-poured and 100% natural candle as much as I do. (220 g|€ 49) Lola’s Apothecary is available HERE


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