The Organic Pharmacy

Margo Marrone is a Pharmacist and Homeopath, and co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy.
She believes that the way we live is directly related to our health. I couldn’t agree more. Trying to keep your body healthy by using toxic-free ingredients helps to keep us fit. With the use of Organic, Pharmacy Margo promises healthy, scientific, and result-driven products that help to heal the body and mind.

A great way to get acquainted is by trying the Essential Skincare Set that contains seven miniature products that are to be applied step by step starting with a carrot butter cleanser and a rose facial cleansing gel that smells divine and leaves the skin feeling tremendously soft. Step three is the day /night herbal toner. Step four is a gel and serum based on antioxidants. Step five is the Rose face cream that can be topped off with the leave-on collagen mask, depending on the needs of your skin. I sound like a lot of actions but I can assure you it will feel like a rejuvenating wellness moment. (€79,00)

Vitamin C is a dermatologist’s favorite, helps to prevent skin damage, helps to diminish dark spots, and improves the appearance of wrinkles. Next to that it truly brightens and clears the skin. That said; the stabilized Vitamin C Corrective Mask is to be left on the skin for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off with a muslin cloth. Highly recommendable.  If this is something that interests you have a peek a the websites below for a vitamin C serum or cream for daily use. You will not be disappointed. (60 ML | €60,00)

The Organic Pharmacy is available HERE

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