The Pleasure Elixer Vegan Massage Oil

I love using a dry massage oil for my skin after bathing as it relaxes my senses and hydrates my skin, leaving it soft. An oil massage can calm the senses, improves sleep, and reduces muscle pain.  By choosing the right body oil you may find the secret to unlocking the best benefits of body massage while improving your overall mood.

But there is more. This massage oil has multi-functional properties. It is said to be used for long massages as foreplay prior to sexy time. With help from this elixir, your skin will turn into a beautiful shiny canvas. The oil is vegan, consists of natural ingredients, and should be safe for every skin. Warm the oil in the cup of your hands and let it drip onto your skin. Time for ultimate relaxation and a sexy adventure… (200 ML | €58.95)


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