The World of BULY 1803 – Eau Triple Eritrean Myrrh Perfume 

The first Buly 1803 shop was established in 2014, at 6 rue Bonaparte, 75006, Paris, and has seen a fast expansion around the world ever since. Buly established properly when Bully’s vinegar became a classic among beauty products, a best-seller awarded a medal at the 1867 and 1878 Expositions Universelles, during a time that cleanliness was a sign of good health and an indicator of social respectability – the privilege of the middle and upper classes. Read the full history HERE

A few years ago I was invited to reacquaint with the world of Buly at Selfridges London. The @officine_universelle_buly BULY1803 counter knows how to stand out from the crowd with its paneling in polished walnut, marble-topped counters, antique faucetry, bottles, flasks, and jars in ceramics or glass. As you can see, I felt quite at home ☺️. From a personalised lip balm, calligraphed with the French tradition with my initials embossed on the box, to the robinet cap that closes tubes properly to make them stand upright in your bathroom.

New to the collection are the water-based perfumes. Subtle yet embracing fragrances. The Eau Triple Eritrean Myrrh, which i love, is a fragrance set around a floral quartet of tuberose, magnolia, rose and jasmine and a trail of myrrh. The perfume literally wraps itself around your skin without being overpowering (75 ML | €136,13)


The Eau Triple Eritrean Myrrh is available HERE or thru Selfridges

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