Trinny London Retinal Overnight Sensation & Clarity

Trinny London not only developed highly performing stackable make-up that is easy to wear and has impressive staying power, she also recently launched cleansers. Thoroughly cleansed and nourished skin sets the stage for your whole routine, allowing the rest of your skincare to get to work effectively. As Trinny says: “always double cleanse if you’ve been wearing make-up or SPF”.

After cleaning the skin comes intensive care and nourishment. With the help of Trinny’s new ‘superhero’ retinals serum your skin can be transformed and regenerated. While the overnight sensation (50ML | €86) helps to smooth and renew skin for firmer skin, the overnight clarity (50ML | €78) helps to reduce fine lines while balancing the skin.

Trinny says: “I rather selfishly set out to create retinal serums as I want to see a real difference in my skin when I wake up the next morning. Our two highly active formulations help transform skin without the downtime – they-re the ultimate investment in your skin“. – Trinny London


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