Valmont Perfecting Powder Cream

I have been a fan of Valmont products for a long time, so when you get the privilege to test drive a new product, who am I to say no…

The Valmont perfecting powder cream has an SPF 30 and works as a serum and a cream to powder foundation in one. It comes in a refillable package (which is pretty convenient) and has a small sponge for touch ups along the way. It comes in four colors and is actually quite sheer. I got all excited as the darkest color (on the right)  “warm beige” seemed to be a match at first sight but it came out a little too light.

However; one way or the other while blending the product into my skin it seems to slightly oxidize making my skin look narrow pored and even more flawless. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Next to that,
I love the texture. It is not sticky and does not leave any residue. That said, I would really like Valmont to extend the range in colors by adding  a warm honey, chestnut and deep brown shade. That would definitely make a lot of people tremendously happy. (10 G | € 135,00)

Valmont Perfecting Powder Cream is available thru VALMONT COSMETICS and beauty therapists.


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