XERJOFF K’Bridge Club + Decas Perfumes

These perfumes are one of the most intoxicating perfumes I’ve had the privilege to dive my nose into. K’Bridge Club opens with notes of dry fruits paired with Bulgarian Rose. If you’re a sweet tooth you will love the caramel touch passing through that will bring a huge smile to your face. Notice the hint of freshness thru the coriander in the middle. In the base you’ll smell a little bit of Oud combined with roses and a dash of Bourbon vanilla giving the perfume pizzaz.

Should I say more? Okay, I will. K’Bridge by Xerjoff transports you to this vibrant and unique environment; all your senses are engaged. Sweet and fresh at the same time. The fragrance was originally created for Xerjoff’s own boutique in London’s historic luxury department store HARVEY NICHOLS. Opened in 1831, the department stores offer an unforgettable and vibrant shopping experience in the posh Knightsbridge district. When you visit London treat your nose to an olfactory journey. Can’t wait? You can find Xerjoff perfumes HERE
(50 ML | € 180)

XERJOFF Decas Perfume

Decas perfume describes itself best as lively and floral. At the top, it contains an uplifting note such as Brazilian mandarin, and a hint of Tubéreuse, but nothing too overpowering. In the middle, you’ll find Benzoin, which is smooth and sweet like vanilla but different while the Opoponax, which has a honey-like aroma keeps that sweetness lingering for a longer time.

In the base, you’ll be able to smell the musky notes combined with Tolu balsam and Vanilla bourbon that adds a little depth. The question isn’t if I like the fragrance because I absolutely love it. The question is, will you? I think Decas is the perfect scent for those who favor depth over sweetness. Enjoy! (100 ML | € 220)

XERJOFF K’Bridge Club + Decas Perfumes are available HERE

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