Yentl is gentle. And so is their Moroccan Argan Oil Facepeeling

While happily using the Yentl face oil I was getting more and more curious about the facepeeling and the rest of the range for that matter. I’ve tried the peeling, loved it and am not planning on doing without it. Yentl face peeling is deeply nourishing and makes skin feel silky soft. A great plus is that it contains 100% certified bio argan oil and is made from rice and cocoa oil.

Yentl Facepeeling |50ml € 55,00

Yentl Facepeeling |50ml € 55,00

As soon as it comes in contact with water, the gel –like substance changes into a milky substance. A unique structure that gives skin that clean and soft touch.  I have combination yet sensitive skin and up to now the face peeling is ultra-soft yet effective and does not strip skin. If you are going to try it (and I do recommend) don’t forget to clean and dampen the skin before applying it. You’re going to get the hang of it but please don’t use it more than once or twice a week.


yelt oil facepeeling yelt-oil-facepeeling-2

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