My 5 Key Hair Tips by @Santusha Kana

Hair trends come and go, but essential tips and tricks last forever! Having experimented and tried lots of products and tools, I would like to share some insights with you that will make you enjoy your hair more than ever.

1. Treat your hair like you treat your skin or designer bag. I know many women who buy the most expensive skin products, but don’t bother investing in the right shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and heat protection. First understand what your hair needs; do you have dry or frizzy hair? Is your hair severely damaged due to coloring or styling? Select your products based on your needs and condition (like with makeup) and carefully select your shampoo and conditioner. I recommend using a leave in conditioner, Sebastian Potion 9 and a heat protector, Alterna Caviar Perfect Iron Spray.

2. Invest in tools like Picasso. Like Amanda recommends investing in makeup tools, I advise to invest in the following tools: a curling iron, a flat iron, a blow dryer (I have all three from CHI), a tease comb and the tangle teezer.

3. Fake ponytail. Aside from these ‘standard’ tools, it is also a joy to play with different hairstyles. The fake ponytail is easy way to create a complete different style if you have medium short or thin hair. Try the catwalk ponytail of Balmain, it even comes in different colors.

Fake PonytailFake Ponytail

4. Let your hair take some days off too. When you are off on leave or at home for a few days, try to stay away from styling products. Just leave your hair natural. Fashionable natural? I am a fan of the hair wrap, Eva Pigford wears it often.

Updo Knot

5. Updo’s or knots can be sexy too. Women often think that only a blow dry is stylish. Check out the great updo’s of Kim Kardashians hair stylist Jen Atkin on her Instagram account. With a tight schedule, it is not always feasible to blow dry or straight your hair. Did you just wash your hair?

Tip: blow dry your hair quickly, then only straighten the outer parts of your hair. After you have tightened your knot, then straight the parts of the hair that is visible. Et voila!

Santusha Kana

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