What Make-up To Wear On A First Date With @AnnaNooshin from @NSMBL

Hi Everyone! In the last episode we talked about How to achieve a fresh looking complexion, just lips and cheeks were we featured Ellis Faas hot lips.

This episode was so much fun as so many people have asked me this question over and over. What make-up do you wear on a first date. You want to make an impression but you don’t want it to be too obvious by going over the top. When it comes to men they say not to like make-up, but in the end they just don’t want it to be to visible. Aha! It needs to look fresh, flawless and glowy.


Prep the skin by using a waterbased foundation. A soft peachy blush on the cheeks will do the trick. Then photoshop yourself by using a concealer and a camouflage. Whatever follows make sure that all the attention will be drawn to the eyes. Use a Smashbox pallet for soft and subtle smokey eye where blending is key. Soft cool brown tones suit just about anyone. Just fade it out and aim for the sunrise effect. Dark at the lashes and light at the eyebrows. Invest in good blending brushes. It will take you a long way.



When it comes to the lips, take it easy and go slow. I’ve understood that men are not fond of lipstick at it can be kind of sticky. Invest in a rosy lipbalm instead. Your eyes will be the very main focus on your first date. Finish it off by using a complementing nail color by O.P.I. Good luck!

Check out the (Dutch spoken) video above. If you have any question let me know by using the contact form or find on Instagram.

Smashbox is available at DOUGLAS and find the fabulous O.P.I. nail polish HERE

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Have a good one!


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