Abysk Facial Oil

A good facial oil is a must-have for every skin! Every skin type consists of natural oils. This way your skin does not dry out and the chance of a rash is minimal. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, facial oil will help you maintain the balance and hydration of your skin and help your skin to recover. In addition, a good facial oil soothes the skin and also protects it against harmful external influences.

What makes this facial oil so special? Well, Abyssinian oil is a potent oil that stands out for its high erucic acid content, which forms a protective lipid barrier. This ensures a healthy and strong skin barrier so that the skin is well protected against external influences and retains moisture in the skin. It’s a dry oil and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky or greasy film. Abyssinian oil is affordable and really gives the skin a healthy glow.

It is suitable for all skin types, is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C & E, proteins, and minerals. It is often mistakenly thought that facial oil is not suitable for people with an oily skin type. Too bad, because by giving this skin extra nutrition (facial oil) you ensure that your skin’s natural reflex to make (too) much oil stops. Abyssinian oil is non-comedogenic, balances the skin, and makes it less shiny (oily skin) but gives the skin a beautiful & healthy glow.

Our facial oils are easy to use. To optimally hydrate the skin, apply the facial oil daily, in the morning and in the evening (one or two pumps) on the cleansed skin. To ensure that the facial oil penetrates quickly and deeper into the skin, it is recommended to massage the oil gently with upward movements on still-damp skin, this will stimulate blood circulation and prevent a greasy layer. (30 ML | € 39.95).


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