AmandaOnbeauty – Smokey eyes – Get That Sparkled Bronzed Look For Summer

If you want to wear a smokey eye that will stay in place all day you will need to start with a good eye primer. This doesn’t only take away discolorations, it also prepares the lids for anything you feel like applying. I am a huge fan of caviar sticks or eye shadow pencil. They can be used as a quick version of an eyeliner, or as a sheer base for powder shadow.


Smokey Eyes How to:

Step 1: Then I added an eyeshadow pencil in Gold Digger and blended it up to the crease by using my finger. If desired wiggle the stick between the lashes on the top and bottom for the invisible eyeliner effect.  Eyeshadow pencil

Step 2: To create soft looking smokey eyes, I work in steps. And do remember that eyeshadow brushes are essential. First I picked up a soft brown tone from the Urban Decay Vice Limited Reloaded Palette. To add some depth I used one of my favourite mahogany brows from Delilah Cosmetics. Then I blended it all in using an angled blending brush staying in line with the outer corner of my eyes. You’re not aiming for an 80’s effect. Using the darker soft brown which I used on the bottom lashline as well. Smokey with: Urban Decay Vice Limited Reloaded Palette


Step 3: The last step is to blend it all very well. add a little sparkled bronzed highlighter under the arch of the brow and on inner corner of my eyes. I can actually make your eyes appear bigger. Also when it’s used in a matte version in the color of your skintone it the perfect finalizing step to create the perfect sunrise effect. From dark blended up to light. By following this guideline it will make it easier to experiment with darker colors. In the end it’s all about the technique you use. Blend, Blend Blend.


Step 4: As you know I do love my eyeliner. To me it’s the cherry on top. I used the slim line liquid eyeliner by Delilah Cosmetics. Perfect to use for a sublte eyeliner. The last step is adding two coats of mascara. I used the paraben free voluminizing and defining mascara by Delilah. Eyeliner & Mascara by Delilah Cosmetics

Have fun!




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