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Beauty really comes from the inside, but a little make-up always helps. Getting your face in flawless shape should be part of a simple daily beauty routine called layering. Just like in fashion styling you add layers that a) keep you warm, b) defines your look, c) adds color to spice it up and specify. A great looking complexion is nothing without fresh and hydrated skin. Start with a serum to prep the skin (Bio Effect is my nr.1) and then add a pea size of skincare. One of my favourites of the moment is Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream that plumbs, hydrates and prepares skin for the next step.

HydratingPrimer -LauraMercierI recommend a water-based primer for all skin types and age. It’s one of my all-time favourite products that delivers time after time. It works as a barrier between skincare and make-up helping it last all day without clogging pores or sinking into the skin. See it as the underwear that always complements your outfit (and arm candy) whatever the occasion. Whatever you decide make sure to invest in one, it makes all the difference on the long term. You may thank me later.

Foundation wardrobe

A perfect foundation is like your favourite jeans or little black dress. I call it facial happiness in a bottle. When it comes to finding a match for your make-up wardrobe invest in a foundation or BB cream that diminishes flaws and evens out the skin tone. Look for a color that is slightly lighter than your skin tone and you’ll find there will be room to add without the cakey face effect. One of my personal favourites is the oil free tinted moisturiser SPF 20 by Laura Mercier and the Luminescence by Armani beauty.

Laura mercier Concealer
Now comes the tricky part. Concealers. I could write a whole article on this one, and maybe I will on another occasion. What it comes down to is this: skip the raccoon eyes. The panda bear effect is no longer fashionable. I found that a creamy and hydrating texture that is applied in a color slightly lighter than the skin tone and with a hygenic secret concealer brush works best. Quality over quantity from which Laura Mercier, Sisley, Kevyn Aucoin and Giorgio Armani are my personal favourite.


Setting powder is the cherry on top of your Flawless Face application and comes in many textures. Set your foundation by using a powder puff, preferably only on the parts that need it most like the T-zone.

LauraMercier_translucent_powder_product1Try the award winning translucent setting powder by Laura Mercier or the Banana powder by Make-up studio. It will give your skin that dewy effect it deserves.

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