Apaline Daily Confidence Cream by Neoderma

If you looking for a no nonsense skincare this winter then I highly recommend this one. The range is based on natural ingredients and is well knows for the bio –peeling. It is especially great for very sensitive skin, or skin that suffers from rosacea and skin blotches. The creamy texture absorbs quickly, hydrates the skin and has anti-inflammatory agents. One of the unique ingredients is the Gataline Derma Sensitive, that helps to diminish redness and calms the skin. The crème has a full texture, yet because it absorb quickly you can add make-up right afterwards. The colour is minty green and it smells the same. It is not perfumed at all which is a great plus. When you are used to this you will probably want to try the rest of the range, containing a night cream, serum and a facial mask.

Neoderma Daily Confidence Cream 50 ml (€ 46,10)
Neoderma Appaline Cream
For more information: Neoderma

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