Argentum Sage Eau De Parfum

Sage by Argentum. A hint of sweetness, Almond, Heliotrope, and the powdery freshness of Egyptian Violet Leaf come to life with the intensity of Ylang-Ylang, vanilla, and Sandalwood. One of the twelve perfumes that form Les Parfums Infinis; a magical collection of Eaux de parfums, for your skin and hair.

Sage by Argentum is one of those fragrances that is soothing, embracing, and lifts your spirit. The perfume is more than just a scented veil alone. Its milky texture softens and hydrates skin and hair. it contains a patented technology that mixes oil and water with fragrance to create a super fine and milky microemulsion.

No chemicals, No alcohol. When applying it to your hair you’ll notice silky softness and added sheen that lasts for hours. Also, the fragrance bottle includes a hallmarked 925 sterling silver talisman that you will love. Argentum encourages you to maximize the experience by wearing your ‘Les Parfums Infinis‘ fragrance with the talisman (70 ML | £228.00)

Argentum Apothecary

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