Xerjoff – Kemi Layla Perfume 

I love how smell can trigger sense receptors sending messages to those parts of the brain responsible for your mood. A great scent can trigger a positive and relaxing vibe as neurological studies have shown an increase in dopamine when using a fragrance that stimulates happy memories, even increasing addiction to that particular fragrance. Just like choosing your outfit, I  believe in perfume wardrobing so you can daily choose what you’re communicating without saying a word and, what sparks your joy.

The Xerjoff Group is an Italian Perfume House based in Turin that does that for me. Through the years I’ve had the privilege to experience several different perfumes such as Aurum.
A perfume as luxurious as a piece of art. New to the collection is Layla Eau de Parfum by Xerjoff’s KEMI collection. It has a calm and sunny character but also has seductive notes.

Think in terms of clove and nutmeg, spicy and sweet with a woodsy base, while ingredients such as earthy mood-enhancing patchouli and slightly sweet and floral ylang-ylang. A unique and somewhat romantic perfume created from pure natural raw elements through distillation techniques. Get ready to fall in love and maybe even get addicted. (50 ml | €220)  


  • Cloves, Nutmeg
  • Ylang-Ylang, Cedar From Atlas, Patchouli From Singapore
  • Amber, Musk, Vanilla From Madagascar

Xerjoff Perfume is available HERE and HERE

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