ArmaniPrima Day-Long Skin Perfector & Smart Moisture Serum

There’s nothing more annoying than suffering from oily skin on those parts of the face that decreases the staying power of your perfectly applied make-up like eyeshadow and foundation. Especially when it comes to the area around the nose and the t-zone. Thanks to a unique milky gel texture and two tightening hydrophilic ingredients, the “Day Long Skin Perfector” facial cleanser absorbs really quickly and leaves that clean skin feeling we all love.

It’s a mattifying substance that targets the “disruption zone” of the face, i.e. the areas surrounding the eyelids, nose, chin, forehead, or any place prone to shine or large pores. As it absorbs excess sebum, this cleansing milk delivers smooth skin that lasts all day, making foundation and eye shadow much easier to apply. The best of it all is that at the end of the day your make-up, glow, and foundation color remain intact. (30 ML | € 77,95)

If you think of your nightly skincare routine as a three-course meal, a serum is like the main course. After kicking things off with an appetizer (a.k.a cleansing your face), and before treating yourself to dessert (a.k.a a fabulous moisturizer), you fill up on all the important nutrients like a serum. Much like the main course, serums can contain a range of useful nutrients for your skin.

The Smart Moisture Serum has a lovely silky texture, doesn’t clash with other products while layering, and addresses concentrated hydration to different areas of the face making skin feel comfy all day. The magic ingredients are seaweed crimson and hyaluronic acid resulting in skin that looks and feels luminous. (30 ML | € 80,-)


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