As a serious perfume lover I jumped up and down the room when this -IT- perfume came in. Mousse de Chene 30 is one of the new city exclusives especially made as an ode to the city of Amsterdam. From an international point of view this new edition is one of the 11th City Exclusive perfumes from which only four in Europe. Only every four years a new City Exclusive is launched and is not called exclusive for nothing.

With that in mind I am convinced this is pretty exciting news. From now on when I’m travelling it’s nice to be able to wear a perfume that reminds me of my hometown with a cocktail of patchouli, moss and warm herbs. Next to that you’ll find cinnamon (yum) west Indian bay leaf and pink pepper. Madly in love with the mix of ingredients. To me Mousse De Chene 30 is an invincible (yet unforgettable) accessory that is timeless, vibrant and elegant. (50 ml | €264)

Available in a limited edition from the 1st until the 30th of september 2017 at the following selected Skins Cosmetics shops: Amsterdam Conservatorium, Amsterdam Runstraat, Laren, Eindhoven, Gent and Oosterbeek. Put your running shoes on!

From October 2017 Mousse de Chene will be part of the regular assortment and available at the Skins doors in Amsterdam and Laren.



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