ArmaniPrima soft peel lotion & Instant -Off Oil-In-Gel Foaming Cleanser

To keep on the cleansing chapter. I tried the soft peeling lotion that promises to keep your skin glowing all day long. It helps to make your skin looking more luminous and refined. Over time, (no, don’t expect the magic to happen overnight, unfortunately) a combination of actives from vegetal origin helps skin to look more radiant. As part of the prime routine, it helps the foundation to look natural and fresh all day. I would recommend using a primer after the lotion, before the application of foundation.

A big hurray for the ArmaniPrima instant-off foaming cleanser. The daily cleanser features an innovative Wet & Dry technology. It associates the “wet” benefits of a make-up removing oil, even on waterproof make-up, which is amazing. It also leaves skin feeling silky soft due to soft peeling active ingredients as well as almond oil. A great catch for your beauty wardrobe.


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