Aromatherapy Associates launches Holistic Skincare

With the launch of this eleven-piece skincare collection, Aromatherapy Associates brings a new category of skincare to the market, which uniquely responds to the need of both mind and skin. The formulas contain a special complex of essential oils, active botanicals, and Skin Stress Relief technology, supported by almost 40 years of expertise in spa and aromatherapy.

This complex not only targets the skin but also the mind. When the mind experiences stress, it puts one reaction that can have lasting consequences for the appearance and function of our skin.

You know how relaxed your skin looks and feels when you’ve had a stress-free day. It’s good to invest in strengthening our mental health as this visibly counteracts our skin in the long term. The 11 affordable products to choose from are certified organic, vegan, and smell as if you were in a spa.

Unique ingredients
The patented complex in this collection, called BioActiveTM, consists of:

Essential oils
Blue Tansy (Moroccan tansy) to repair, soothe and relieve stress. Sandalwood to calm the mind. Jasmine to nourish and care for the skin and make you feel happy.

Active herbal ingredients
Squalene to strengthen and repair the skin barrier. Raspberry seed oil to promote cell renewal.

Skin Stress Relief Technology
Pink Rock Rose (also called sun rose) has an antibacterial and anti-aging effect, but also reduces panic attacks and calms the mind. Pink algae extract repairs sun damage and prevent skin aging caused by UV rays and other negative external influences, which accelerate the aging process.

Aromatherapy Associates are available HERE


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