How to discover your perfect red lipstick

How is your red pout served? What look are you in for? Finding the perfect red is like finding the perfect pair of jeans – it just makes everything work.

And like jeans, a red lip has to be tried and tested. Good to know that the rule that says that this kind of skin tone requires that kind of red color does NOT particularly exist anymore.

Hear hear for the brands that invest in red lipstick that are universal. Like the Ellis Faas blood red lipstick that suits all skin tones and let’s not forget Rihanna who broke the internet with her make-up line and where her “suits all skin tones” red pout was the talk of the town.

The new rule is that just have to check if it makes your skin look fresh and your eyes stand out. That the exact moment you know that you’ve hit jackpot. Exactly like finding that perfect pair of jeans.

If a red lipstick isn’t something that you trust yourself with, why not opt for a lip gloss instead as your natural lipcolor will have the chance to shine through making it more transparant. You can also look into a lipstain. This will serve as a natural print that you will not have to look after that much.


Another tip is to blur in the edges after an application to make it more worn in. Lipstick will look less harsh and more sensual that way. Last but not least; decide on the language you want your red color to speak. An orange red screams: “look at me”, while a red with a blue undertone says: “I mean BIG business. A brown or terracotta red says: “I just want to look chic. Have fun while choosing your red .

Amanda x

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