Barrois B683 – Eau de Parfum at Perfume Lounge

Perfumes have this magical power to make us instantly travel, to cheer us up and comfort us. That said; perfumes might not be considered essential, but to me, spritzing my favorite perfume feels like a ray of sunshine passing through the window. A good perfume reminds you that a little sweetness is essential to life. Usually, I travel a lot, but this year as like for anyone else, things turned out differently. A beautiful fragrance is able to create a traveling inside my head. Therefore I always look for and wear perfumes that speak to me, creating a “movie” in my imagination while being mesmerized by the whole olfactory journey.

The fragrances of the Maison Marc -Antoine Barrois are the result of the meeting of two young designers. One is a couturier, the other a perfumer. The artistic skills of the former and the olfactory talent of the latter together sparked the magic of these beauties called fragrances.

B683 is one of the perfumes my nose invited me to explore. A combination of woody essences, (hello fireplace, a good read, and my herbal tea) spicy notes, and the smell of leather. The subtle sweet tooth that I am found the Moheli vanilla tincture and amber at the heart an instant pick me up. Furthermore, I love the layered combination of santal wood, oak mousse, and Ambroxan at the base that seems to linger and linger… Especially the last fragrance primer ingredient is a sweet, woody, musky, and creamy note and might be recognized as is also keynote used in fragrances such as Escentric Molecules; Molecule 2 and Le Labo Another 13.

In the end, smells are biologically linked to our emotions and this perfume smell in a bottle is subtly pointing me in the direction of Christmas to come. A Christmas tree, a fireplace coziness in my chesterfield, a piece of apple pie, and cinnamon tea. We can’t wait, can we?

Barrois B683, Eau de Parfum is available Perfume Lounge (100ml | €165,-)

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