Becca LIGHT SHIFTER Collection

This NEW Dewing Tint by Becca Cosmetics is a weightless tinted moisturizer that contains antioxidants like vitamin E for anti-pollution and blue light protection. The added hyaluronic acid promises to instantly hydrate, calm and cocoon the skin while the pigments help to reflect and illuminate the skin.

What I like about the product is that you don’t have to apply it everywhere. Apply it on the high points of the face for that healthy dewiness we all crave. The dewing tint implicates that it’s a tinted moisturizer. I do find that it is less a tint and more a blendable foundation that can be applied with your fingers for a transparent finish. A great plus as this formula does not contain gluten, sodium laurel sulfate, mineral oil, or alcohol. (30 ML | (€ 30,99)

Finishing Veil

The Becca light shifter finishing veil comes in six colors and contains hyaluronic acid, crystalized licorice, and green tea. As this powder has light-reflecting spheres it gives your skin a truly nice satin finish. It sets make-up with a very transparent coverage. What I mean with transparent is that it has a minimal color pay-off. You will need to swirl your brush around the compact to truly appreciate the effectiveness.

I had the pleasure of trying three (4-6) of the six available shades. I think the full range will complement most skin tones, but not all. Colors nr.5 and 6 work perfectly. Head on over to the website to find your match. (€ 34,99)

BECCA is also available HERE

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