BIOTHERM – Blue Therapy – Red Algae Skincare

Originated from the sea, boosted by Biotherm biologists, the uplifting power of precious Red Algae has now been captured in an ultra-sensorial rosy cream. As we age, collagen declines and elastic fibers decrease in elasticity resulting in a loss of skin firmness, wrinkles, and less defined contours.

Biotherm Red Algae Skincare to the rescue. Made for the current generation of women who want to know how to look younger in a natural way – without recourse to surgery – Biotherm brings skin lifting power with Red Algae Extract, reinforcing skin’s youthful and firm structure.

Treat your skin to a creamy freshness of the uplifting day and night cream for a pleasurable sensation and visible results. Soft and hydrated skin. Just as we like it.

BIOTHERM is also available HERE

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