Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum 302

A perfume with ingredients that are known to be tempting and captivating. Amber is known as a somewhat powdery sweet scent and contains a blend of labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, and benzoin to name a few.

If temptation had a scent, it would definitely smell like this. It all begins with a sharp, spicy opening led by red berries. Iris ignites the fragrance by unleashing its velvety-soft dark floral smell. Then it takes a turn with the smooth notes of vanilla. The captivating sandalwood, musk, and amber balance this fragrance and make it all come together.

Iris is called the blue gold of perfumery. The flower itself smells like chocolate. Yet, it is not this particular part that is processed, it’s the root that gives the pureness. It is said that patience is key as it takes six years to produce Iris. First, it takes three years to grow in the ground, then the Iris is dried, and then it takes another three years for this fragrance ingredient to develop.

The roots are crushed into a fine powder, then extracted. When washed, it gives the absolute so sought-after by perfumers. This flower has always had a special place in people’s hearts. (100 ML | € 82)


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