Tom Ford Private Blend Tubéreuse Nue Perfume

May I introduce you to Tom Ford’s latest private blend fragrance: Tubéreuse Nue

This new Tom Ford fragrance is an experience in itself. To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with the ingredient: Tubéreuse flower. Depending on the composition and complementing ingredients it works wonders on my skin, or it does not. Tubéreuse is also known as “Mistress of the Night,” as the night-blooming tuberose flower appears during the day and reveals its true potency at midnight. Therefore when I wear it, I tend to do so during the nighttime.

While getting my nose into the Tubéreuse Nue I was very pleasantly surprised by the balancing notes of the Nepalese Timur pepper. Timur pepper is prized for its lemony top notes, with traces of ginger, grapefruit, and exciting spicy bite (yes, it’s still a pepper…).

Next to that, it contains Jasmine, while suede accord releases on the skin, and a soft blanket of patchouli and agarwood musk capture the afterglow, promising the mood endures. As you can imagine I am really impressed and love the sexiness of this perfume.
( 50ML | €282 & 250ML| €758)

Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances are available HERE

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