Byredo – Mumbai Noise Eau De Parfum

Mumbai Noise is a new genderneutral perfume by Byredo that is profoundly interesting. The perfume is an ode to Mumbai’s cultural heritage and anchored in Byredo’s Ben Gorham’s memories of his past. It is said that to experience the true essence of the city you should take the time to explore the variety of attractions that include ancient forts, religious monuments, historical buildings, and swanky bars/restaurants.

The perfume is rich in flavors with notes of leather, bitter coffee, and sweet vanilla-like tonka bean. A true sensor overload, just as I imagine Mumbai to be, but in a good way. Additional notes include davana (a sweet, tea-like smell), labdanum, agarwood, and sandalwood. Designed to create a Mumbai experience while still sitting in one place, this heady perfume will remind you to step off a plane and explore new cities. Enjoy! (100 ML | €190)

Launch date: 21/10/2021

BYREDO is available HERE

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