Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Filter Collection

Charlotte Tilbury is a make-up queen when it comes to flawless skin and blurry out inperfections. Now with the launch of the beauty filter collection you can perfectionize diminishing the flaws and magnify your best aspects. The bigger, brighter eyes in exagger eyes can prime, enlarge, define and help to brighten the eye area. Prefer to make your eyelids look longer? Then try the bigger brighter eyes and follow the “how to” step by step. (€50,-)

Finish it off with the new legendary lashes for that extra va va voom effect. It promises to give you more than 500% volume. This I need to try for myself. (€32,-)

My favorite items from this collection are the pretty youth glow filter, a soft blur cream blush and higlighter duo with pearl pigments that create colorful reflection. It is so easy to use and will give that subtle extra glow on the skin.

The collagen lip bath in Refreshing Rose contains Marine Collagen that hydrates plumbs while cocos oil feeds and softens. Due the light reflecting pigments the lips look fuller and (last but not least) the universal refreshing rose color is to die for. (€50,-)


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