Chatelier Bright Complexion – Ultra Rich Radiance Serum

You remember me raving about the Chatelier products and the moment my eyes fell on this Dutch brand I’ve developed a crush on the packaging, ingredients, and lovely clear concept. You can read about that HERE

As Chatelier is a trilogy story, it’s time to meet Chatelier’s Bright Complexion – Ultra Rich Radiance Serum. What it is? Think in terms of a blend of fruit extracts and flowers that heal the skin of redness, age spots, pimples, scars, and other uneven skin tones.

The bright complexion promises to target pigmentation and dark spots and make them noticeable due to the brightening effect. This serum contains a lot of naturally occurring AHA acids that gently exfoliate the skin, reducing dullness and fatigue. Blood flow to the skin is increased, which accelerates the disposal of toxins.

Your pores will be purified, cleansed, and tightened. Cell renewal will be stimulated, which makes sure damage gets repaired more quickly and keeps your skin remaining a firm and healthy complexion. What else could you possibly want? Let’s say that this bright complexion is definitely Amanda Rijff approved. (30 ML| € 119,95)


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