This Works Evening Detox

Wash off the city with this antiaging pollution skincare line. You know that browsing around a city like London, New York and Amsterdam for example doesn’t add positive benefits when it comes to your skin. We love the urban jungle of the city and taking extra good care of it is definitely key.

The heart of the Evening Detox range consist of natural active and essential oils that distract pollution from the skin by de clogging pores and minimizing the inflammation caused by pollution.

Step 1 is the evening detox cleanser; a micellar evening detox water that rids the skin of make-up while detoxifying. I love the fact that it’s in spray form making it an easy gadget to tag along on vacations. It contains sweet Almond oil, Aloe Vera to calm down the skin while hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 increase the moisture balance. (20 ml| € 28)

Step 2: spray on the exfoliating leave on treatment with salicylic acid to detox the skin and declog pores, in the meantime clarifying the skin tint and minimize imperfections. I love the positive impact this product has on the skin. Fine lines, pigmentation, grease, skin pigmentation and pimples are addressed. Even though my skin can be sensitive, it’s a miracle worker for radiant skin, without irritations. (60 ml | € 36)

Step 3: The third step in the evening detox regime is the detox clay mask; an anti -aging pollution mask with malachite and Kaolin clay for an intense detox of 10 minutes. Fun fact; this mask is actually green. You’ll be surprised to see how soft you skin feels after trying this clay mask (50 ml | € 40)

That said; I love the products and would recommend using it every rime your skin could do with a thorough detox. This definitely works.

This Works Evening Detox is available thru COSMANIA

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