Combray Face Oil

When I was first introduced to Combray face oil I was surprised by the dark red color but fell in love with it immediately. Not only the straight forward packaging is most appealing, also the structure of the oil. As it is a dry oil, it is absorbed very quickly. The fun fact is that it only contains two ingredients: Oxofulleram (which causes the dark color due to a high percentage of antioxidants, but vanishes really quickly after using the product on the skin) and grape seed oil.

Antioxidants protect the skin against the stress and damage causes by excess free radicals. Think; sunlight, age, acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis which are known to increase the amount of free radicals in the skin. The grapeseed oil works as good barrier against hydration loss. See it as your high altitude chemical free facial. I am in love with the results so far.

How to:

After cleansing in the morning, (before using make-up) and evening, apply about 6 drops to your face, preferably while it’s still damp. Then massage the oil into the skin. (30 ml | € 130)


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