Craith Lab – The Secret To Strong Radiant Skin

Ever since I’ve started this daily ritual I’ve seen my skin improving little by little. I love the fact that I can mix and match with other skincare products without clashing, Lord knows I have my favorites that are build up over the years.

I was recently introduced to Craith, a performing skincare line that looks at skin and beauty with different eyes. Thirty years of expertise, experience, and sector knowledge have been converted into an innovative and result-oriented skincare line. The protection of the skin barrier is an absolute must for Craith Lab and it’s reflected in all of their products.

The Gold Line, the third line developed by Craith Lab, contains high-quality ingredients that help mature skin to achieve the highest possible level. Radiant and healthy-looking skin, regardless of your age. The Gold Line fully focuses on cell communication, epigenetics, and rejuvenation, helping to achieve beautiful, firm, and smooth skin. It offers “the demanding woman we are”, maximum care with a wide range of products with high-quality ingredients. The aim is to protect the skin’s barrier, to stop the skin from pre-aging, and to preserve wrinkle-free skin.

1. My ritual starts with the Ultimate Clean Cleanser. A very mild yet efficient cleansing milk that cleanses the skin deep into the pores without getting thinner or damaging the skin barrier.

2.After cleansing, we exfoliate. The AHA Essential Exfoliant helps to reduce irregularities while improving fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for more mature skin that looks slightly tired and dull. The result: smooth and radiant skin. Yay!

3. The Royal collagen day & Night serum is a powerhouse and truly next level when it comes to boosting collagen. The collagen serum with hyaluronic acid gives you beautiful, vital skin and treats you to a lovely silky-soft feeling, fewer fine lines, and wrinkles.

4. We can’t escape wrinkles and fine lines but we can help to reduce by helping the formation of collagen, This is achieved by adding the EpiTech® formula, which has a triple effect on collagen synthesis. It glides on smoothly without leaving any residue, making it easy to follow up with your regular make-up routine. Definitely something worth looking into.

5.Don’t forget your eye creme! The Inner Cell Eye Protection eye creme is one the best I’ve had the privilege to try. It very gently around the sensitive eye area yet very effective against fine lines, wrinkles, ( drooping eyelids if you have any) and fully hydrate your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid and argan stem cells, guaranteeing fabulous results in no time.

I think it’s time for you to get acquainted. Craith Lab Skincare is available thru Annebeth Kroeskop  & Daria VoropaiClinic in Amsterdam 


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