Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam

It’s said that this Radiance Resurfacing Foam lifts away dead skin to reveal a fresh, radiant and super-hydrated complexion in just one minute. The cream-to-foam formula is packed with alpha hydroxy acids to smooth and even skin tone, while the no-blade tool physically exfoliates, allowing the product to soak deep into skin and provide hydration for up to 72 hours. A truly refreshing foam.

Once or twice a week apply a generous layer to clean skin, avoiding the eye area. The leave on for 60 seconds, allowing the product to foam. By using the no-blade tool you can lift away the layer of foam and massage any residual product into the skin. And Voila beautiful looking skin. Quick, easy and simple. (50 gram | €63.50)

Dr. Brandt Radiance Resurfacing Foam is available thru SKINS COSMETICS

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