YSL Couture Mono Eyeshadow – Launch March 2015

You know a contrasting eye make-up color can enhance and brighten the color of your eyes don’t you? Read about the color that suits you best in this post. YSL is launching 15 colors for you to choose from. (€ 31,50)

Couture mono Argane Couture mono Caftan Couture mono Exces Couture mono Kohl Couture mono Orient Couture mono Zellige

The quality is great, as it has a good pigment and grip. To enjoy your creation a little longer, I recommend use this YSL eye primer (€ 30,50)

YSL Eye Primer 1 YSL Eye Primer

It takes away color differences on the eyes and makes sure the eyeshadow stays in place. I love the packaging as it makes it travel friendly. If you’re a make-up palette girl opt for the convenient pallets below (€ 68,50). A great plus is the option of mixing  and blending for a perfect smoky eye. Start subtle for daytime and pick up the intensity for night time.

Couture Varation Mono Couture Varation

YSL Couture Mono  www.yslexperience.com


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