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With so many make-up brands and products to choose from, it might feel impossible to separate the cover from the wheat, knowing the life-changers from the money-wasters. There are surprising inexpensive make-up brands that rival with designer or premium brands. Believe it or not Drew Barrymore’s playful 100% cruelty-free Flower Beauty make-up is one of those low-cost drugstore brands that deliver.

Drew Barrymore says: “women everywhere deserve the best quality, most efficacious products at an affordable price, creating cosmetics and tools that not only make life easier and more fun, but look and feel amazing”. I couldn’t agree more. I also believe make-up should be affordable to everyone. I love high-quality make-up that contains skincare benefits that nourish the skin. Find a few of my highlights below.

Make-up primers are literally skin savers as they create a protective barrier between skincare and make-up. The Supernova Celestial Skin Elixer contains a blend of six antioxidant-rich oils that work together to nourish, protect & soothe skin. Includes restoring Jojoba seed oil, Camellia seed oil, and soothing Kukiu Nut Oil. The nutrients from the Kukiu Nut Oil help to moisturize the skin without leaving it greasy.

If you’re especially sensitive to greasy products but know the benefits of moisturizing, this is just for you. Kukui nut oil contains healthy fatty acids like linoleic acid and omega-3, which can help calm the skin and reduce inflammation. You will notice that the pearl pigments creating a clarifying “Halo” effect on the skin. Say hello to dewy and fresh looking skin with a capital D. (€16,49)

The Light Illusion All-Day Wear Luminous Foundation with an SPF18 comes in 15 shades, from which six colors shades are available thru kruidvat, and tends to have it all. It has a medium to full coverage, contains   a broad spectrum sun protection, and also addresses women of color (Hooray!). Next to that it smoothes out the skin but still gives it that luminosity and natural looking complexion we all crave. Quite remarkable and distinctive. Deep Golden flatters my complexion during wintertime, while Mocha would be beneficial during summertime, creating a layered mix in-between seasons. (€14,99)

The Warrior Princess Mascara makes you feel like a princess indeed. This vegan, gluten free eyeopener creates fuller, more curly lashes for an exciting glance and fanned out look. You know all things are possible with coffee and a great mascara (€15,99).

When I wear make-up I wear blush. Period! Trust me when I say that the Flower Pots Powder Blush is as pretty as a flower in bloom. It comes in several skin complementing colors, is easy to use, holds up all day, and has a silky finish for a healthy walk on the beach look. Well done Drew. (€12,99)

The Seal The Deal Luminizing Setting Spray softly kisses your skin while setting your “applied with care” make-up look. A real treat these days as the setting spray not only keeps make-up looking fresh all day, it even keeps your foundation looking flawless after wearing a facemask. Let’s not forget the fact that it contains benefits for the skin such as primrose, vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe Vera. What’s not to love (€13,99).

Meet the Scribble sticks. (see the picture left below) A multitasking liner for eyes & lips in universal neutrals. The texture is creamy, glides on easily, and is very blendable. The sticks are vegan and gluten-free and contain sunflower seed oil, natural botanicals, and vitamin E to hydrate and soothe both eyes and lips. What more could you possibly want?

If you’re a beauty-lover like me, it’s likely that makeup was your first love. Regardless of what your personal journey with make-up has entailed remembering this: “Wear make-up because it makes you feel good and never be afraid to experiment. Just make sure you have the best of fun while doing it”. – Amanda Rijff

FLOWER BEAUTY is exclusively available online thru KRUIDVAT and, in selected Kruidvat stores. The product prices in the collection vary from  € 11,99 – € 15,99.


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