E. Coudray Paris – Jacinthe et Rose Eau De Parfum

E.Coudray Paris has a special place in my connoisseur’s heart. While being introduced to the range many years ago at Skins Cosmetics I was charmed by the sweet boudoir packaging and the range of products that vary from soft and powdery, like Musc et Freesia and Jacinthe et Rose, to Vanille et Coco and Amber et Vanille which is quite an oriental fragrance with sweet Heliotrope and Tonka Bean.

E.Coudray body oils first appeared in the house records in 1822. Today the body oils are presented like perfumes in 100 ML spray bottles decorated with floral arabesques.
The body oils are a great way to complement your perfume and make it linger so much longer on the skin.

Guess what? I fell in love with E.Coudray all over again. And with Jacinthe et Rose in particular. It’s soft, embracing, fresh, flowery, and brings a joyful smile to my face… :), just like it did many years ago. (100 ML | €74,50)

The E.Coudray collection is available HERE

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