Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker

I have been a fan of Philosophy for decades. That once upon a time that my one my favorite cosmetic store carried the brand. The packaging is utmost fun yet the ingredients a pretty serious and really work miracles for the skin. Philosophy introduces the ultimate retinol miracle, where the power of science meets nature by combining the power of (as it says) pure retinol with nourishing superfood oils.

A formula designed to comfort the skin. It contains superfood oils including pomegranate, olive, argan and amazonian sacha inchi oils, known to be rich in fatty acids, that wil help to diminish the irritation and dryness that retinol can cause. From what I understood you can see a difference in skin only after one use. I concur.

So what miracles are there to be expected after just one week? Your skin will feel softer and more firm, while pores are visibly reduced. I always believe you need to use it just a little while longer to see ALL the benefits, but it does really look miracle worker promising.

PHILOSOPHY is available thru DOUGLAS

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