ESSE Microderm Exfoliator & Cocoa Exfoliator

As you might know, I am a massive fan of ESSE skincare for many reasons. I have even dedicated a chapter to the benefits of ESSE skincare in my recently launched book: “Innerlijke Schoonheid“. I hope you read it or are planning to. (currently only in Dutch).

When it comes to facials, a fabulous facial with ESSE skincare is on my top three list. During these facials, the Microderm exfoliator helps to polish and refine the skin’s surface while the Marula Oil ensures the skin is left hydrated and smooth. Have I already said that it’s certified organic and smells like a holiday in a jar? (50 ML | €35,30)

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Some of chocolate’s benefits are that it has great antioxidant properties. It supports the function of the heart and can help to lower blood pressure while boosting your energy level. The ESSE cocao exfoliator is an almost edible skin exfoliation for all skin types. Fine Cocoa particles help to polish and refine the skin’s surface. Wild-sourced African oils provide slip and nourishment. It removes dead skin cells and impurities and helps to soften and smooth skin while leaving the skin feeling nourished. (50 ML | €37)

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