Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Cleansing Collection

We all know skin cleansing is important and hopefully, it’s integrated into your daily beauty routine. But why is it of the utmost importance? Because during the day our skin is covered with dirt, bacteria, and pollutants. By washing the face on a daily basis, and not just rinsing with water, you remove the impurities, even on make-up-free days. In the end, we all want fresh and healthy-looking skin.

Estēe Lauder cleansing gelee and cleansing balm to the rescue. The high-performing Advanced Night Cleaning Gelée cleansing gel transforms into a fluffy foam that promises healthy and fresh-looking skin. 15 amino acids stimulate skin health while helping to leave your skin feeling balanced. (100 ml | € 45) 

If you’re more into balms, opt for the Advanced Night Cleansing Balm. It feels buttery soft and even melts the most stubborn make-up while cleansing without stripping the skin or disturbing the moisture balance. Your skin will thank you later. (70 ml | € 57)

Estēe Lauder is available HERE

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