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As the developers of Grown Alchemist say: ‘Health and beauty are inextricably linked ‘.
I could not agree more. Learn about Grown Alchemists philosophy HERE

One of the most rewarding things about reviewing is being able to discover and experience beautiful products while sharing my honest opinion about them.

The Age repair gel masque is a lightweight face gel for sensitive skin that helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, while hydrating, firm and nourishing. It helps to combat the signs of aging and increases skin elasticity while having a cooling effect on the skin. The cooling effect is not particularly my cup of tea but I do like the effect on my skin after I’ve rinsed it off. It gives it a nice glow. You know, the one we’re all looking for. (75 ml | € 69,00)

The other products I’ve had the privilege to try are the detox eye make-up remover and the tinted age repair lip treatment. It dissolves and removes waterproof mascara which I love, without the dryness. It has a milky, yet oily texture while detoxing the skin and nourishing it at the same time. (50 ml | € 24,00)

The tinted age repair lip treatment is universal meaning that it complements any skin tone. Ingredients such as Twi-Peptides stimulate the skin’s natural Collagen and hyaluronan production encourages lip volume (if this is something you’re after) while reducing creasing and fine lines, leaving lips looking smooth. African Butter Tree Extract noticeably transforms dry and chapped lip texture by increasing hydration levels while protecting from moisture loss. (€ 29,00)

Grown Alchemist

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