Dermalogica treatment at Zin by Guido – Serious face and body care

As you might know I am quite fond of facials. Even though I am loyal to my Oxygen facials especially being a frequent flyer which really has a negative impact on my skin, I also love to try different treatments once in a while. Different treatment means a different approach and getting reacquainted with new or existing skincare products. Recently I had the privilege to experience a Dermalogica facial treatment at ZIN by Guido.

Guido is the happy owner of his salon for over 15 years. Working solo as a beautician by choice, he is also a Dermalogica expert and brand ambassador creating the opportunity to focus on his clients and their wishes by customizing every treatment. After filling out a form and getting to know Guido we started with the one hour facial that promises to make my skin shine even brighter, while tightening the pores and boosting the cell turnover to reveal and provide fresh and healthy skin.

But first: Face mapping. Face mapping is a skin analysis developed by the International Dermal Institute, exclusively for Dermalogica. My skin is optically divided in six zones that have their own little problems and needs. This procedure gives a direct insight in the condition of the skin and any underlying health issues. It seems the left side of my face catches more light due to my workspace where the most light comes from the left (and is also my sleeping side) and needs a little more attention.

Starting with a thorough deep cleanse to dissolve make-up, Guido continued with the Bio Surface Peel refines skin structure and narrows the pores. It works wonders on pigmentation, scars and acne. As darker toned skin can suffer from pigmentation and dark spots this treatment works miracles on women of color. After more pampering with a Dermalogica face mask Guido advised me the following skincare which I am happy to add to my daily skincare routine.

The Pure light SPF 50 is a high protection day creme that addresses hyperpigmentation and fine lines. works beautifully as a primer under make-up. The stress positive eyelift is a cooling eye mask that helps to diminish dark circles. Loving this product as I can also use the eyelift as an overnight treatment.

For nighttime I am testing the Pure Night, a creamy night creme that stimulates the collagen production for plumper skin. As an extra buffer the overnight retinol repair (Vitamin A always works) stimulates the cell turnover and clarifies the skin in the meantime diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Next to the professional treatment I loved the face mapping, the expert beauty talk and detailed advise on how to proceed. Would I recommend it? Most definitely. The treatment room is light and airy and even though the Spuistraat is quite busy I can assure you, you won’t hear a thing and come out totally refreshed.


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